• Furnished rooms available
  • Emergency call bell system
  • Daily housekeeping and linen service provided
  • 24 hour staffing
  • Three delicious meals a day and snacks




“I can't tell you how much I love it here, everyone is so nice. My daughter went to a lot of places, but she liked Evergreen, thank you God. Everyone is so kind.”
Lorraine ~ Resident

“I have been here for a year and love it because you don't have to cook or clean. They have caregivers who are always there to help you, and we have a wonderful new administrator who is kind who likes to help people.”
Alice ~ Resident

“) My son came one day and found me depressed, next thing you know, I was at Evergreen. First, I was really upset, now it's home.”
Helen ~ Resident

“I left my studio because my rent was raised, I checked three other places, there was no comparison to this one that I am now. We have activities, choices of food that we want, and outings to go shopping, I am really happy here. ”
Joan ~ Resident

“I am starting my fifth year loving it here at Evergreen. The service here is excellent, this place is always clean, I like the food, and I feel very comfortable in my room, I am very satisfied.”
Leta ~ Resident

“This is a great place to live. We are like one large family, we care and love one another. We can't get a better staff than we have here, we are thankful to have them to oversee all of us here at Evergreen Retirement. ”
Wela ~ Resident